Arrange clan wars in Clash of Clans

Add All Your Clan Mates

Type in all the players from your clan. It is easy and fast! You need: Playername, War Weight, TH, Arhcer Queen Level, and Barbarian King Level

Create A War

Simply send a war request to the e-mail of your opponent. You have to find this e-mail through friendly communication.

Create Matchin Rosters

Add your players and compare rosters with your opponent. When done, you are ready for the final step:

Hit That Search Button

Search at the same time. With correct roster setup, you should have the odds in your favor. Matching up with your opponent is not guaranteed though, so cheer up and try again if it doesn’t happen the first time.

Arranging wars has never been easier!

WarrZone is by hardcore war enthusiasts to help likeminded Clash of Clans players to have fun and arrange wars!

Here is a short summary of the features:

  • Manage all the players in your clan
  • Request a war with another WarrZone-user
  • Easily create a roster for your clan
  • Compare your roster to your opponents!
  • Chat with your opponent
  • We have focused on simplcity and usability
  • We will constantly develop this tool, so let us know what you think!
  • Read our blog for tips on hardcore warring
Arrange your own wars

Explore the Endless Possibilities in arranging wars!

Arranging wars is awesome! You can decide whether you want clan scrims, tournaments, wars against friendly clans etc. The possibilities are endless and it brings a true developing factor to you and your clan. You can decide completely what kind of war you wish to engage in! Arranged wars is not only for top-level clan. We support the idea that everyone can and will have fun by arranging wars.

Here is our dream:

WarrZone is created as a free tool for Clashers that wish to Arrange Clan wars. The tool is created by clashers from the OneHive family. The tool is and always will be free to use. So come join us in the Arranged Clan Wars game. Try out new strategies and become a master of three-starring!

Sign up today and start arranging wars!

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